Moondance gets women of all ages back on the dance floor – and supports charity at the same time

Many women love to dance but after a certain age where do you go other than your kitchen? Moondance aims to change that by encouraging women to run a Moondance in their town/village once a year  (or more!) – and at the same time raise money for Breast Cancer Now and any other charity of their choice. To date there have been 26 Moondance events across Scotland raising almost £40,000! 

If you might be interested in running your own Moondance, because you love dancing and/or would love to raise money for a charity close to your heart, then we have all the tools to help you. Equally if you would like to attend a Moondance event then view our “Moondance Events” page to find out if there is a Moondance event near you (maybe not many at the moment but with your help we hope to see more Moondances popping up across the country).

What you thought about Moondance

“What a great night – and a great, fun way to raise money!”

“Had a fab time – haven’t smiled so much in ages!”

“Still on a high from last night – so uplifting. If only you could bottle that feeling!”


Upcoming Events

2 Moondance events to look forward to…

Moondance Juniper Green, Edinburgh on Sat 29 October 2016 at Tanners Lounge. Tickets £10 including welcome drink.  In support of Breast Cancer Now.

Moondance Edinburgh on Thurs 24 November 2016 at The George Hotel.  Tickets £15 incl welcome drink.  In support of Breast Cancer Now.

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