Wouldn’t it be wonderful if every town in the UK (and maybe beyond!) had its own Moondance where women of all ages could let their hair down and dance the night away – and at the same time raise money to not only help in the fight against breast cancer but also to support a host of other well deserving charities?

We would like to make that a reality.

If you have never organised an event before it may seem a little daunting but the secret is to first get a group of dance loving women together as your event team so that you can work on the event together and suddenly it seems far less scary – and perfectly achievable.

We have put together a ‘How to Run a Moondance’ Step by Step Guide that covers all the points we feel you need to consider – this has been created from feedback from women who have run their own Moondance event(s) so it’s tried and tested.

So, if you are interested in running your own Moondance the first steps are as follows:

  • Email moondanceuk@hotmail.co.uk giving your name, proposed event location/town and rough timing (we recommend a minimum of 4 months to plan your first event)
  • We will then email you a copy of the ‘How to Run a Moondance’ sheet plus a copy of the Moondance Agreement which, once you have confirmed your event details,  we ask you to read, sign and return to us at the address given. This agreement covers the key elements of a Moondance event that we ask all organisers to adhere to.
  • On receipt of your signed agreement we will then send you your Moondance Toolkit (including promotional leaflets and poster, sample playlist (if wished), raffle prize request letter/email, raffle donor Thank You certificate and basic finance worksheet) plus your tickets.
  • And if at any point you have any questions at all please just drop us a note at the above email address and we will be happy to help.

Quotes From Moondance Organisers

“I have run 3 events in Tillicoultry Golf Club and although organising the first one seemed rather daunting we got such great feedback from those attending that it spurred us on to organise one each year and we now have a tried and tested formula!   Dancing is so good for the soul and seeing women of all ages having such a great time is a real tonic – what a fun way of raising money for such a worthwhile cause! Biggest tip is to get a team of 6 friends together who love dancing and have a good network of contacts – share the load and it keeps things more manageable.”

Christine McGavin, Moondance Tillicoultry

“We attended the first bigger event in Edinburgh and had such a good time that we thought we would love to run one in our local area.   We ran our first event in Juniper Green in March 2013 and it was a great success – the dance floor was full of women with the biggest smile on their faces!  Yes, we had to invest a fair bit of time in organising it and there is always that worry about whether it will be all right on the night but the effort was well worth it – and both our daughters have been involved so very much a family affair.   We had our 2nd local event in October last year and our first, bigger event at Easter Road, Edinburgh in March – both great successes.”

Debbie Simson and Eileen McMillan, Moondance Juniper Green & Easter Road (Edinburgh)

“I recently organised a Moondance at Uphall Golf Club as I was running the London Marathon and needed sponsorship. Moondance allowed me first and foremost to have a wonderful evening with family and friends while raising money for both Breakthrough Breast Cancer (now Breast Cancer Now) and the NSSPCC, another charity close to my heart.  It’s natural to feel daunted at the prospect of running any kind of event but with a team of 4 or 5 helping me it was easy.   After our first meeting what had felt like an overwhelming challenge suddenly seemed so manageable when tasks were divided out amongst us.  It’s something a bit different to do with your friends.  I would urge anyone considering running an event to take the plunge – you won’t regret it!”

Jude Thomson, Moondance Uphall